Introducing the ALIS App Store, the First Assisted Living-Specific App Store

ALIS Assisted Living App Store

CHICAGO — May 10, 2021

Medtelligent, Inc., provider of the ALIS eHR software for assisted living, memory care, and independent living communities, today announced the launch of the ALIS App Store, an assisted living-specific ecosystem of apps that integrate with ALIS (pronounced “Alice”). The App Store is supported by ALIS APIs that make it easier for partners and customers to build applications, integrate workflows, and share data across systems.

“Our goal with the app store is to support our customers and partners by creating captivating and truly valuable integrations. On the most basic level, the APIs allow mutual customers to avoid manual data entry, duplicates, and other issues arising from disconnected systems,” says John Shafaee, Medtelligent CEO. 

“But more importantly, we believe data is most useful when centralized. Our clients need to see all data about their residents in one place in order to deliver exceptional and holistic care – even if they’re using multiple software providers,” says Shafaee, noting that in addition to basic functionality, “the APIs are bi-directional, allowing us to enrich the resident’s record in ALIS  with information that can support a community’s decision-making process.

Use cases that illustrate the power of an assisted living-specific API to improve resident care, save community staff time, and enforce data integrity include:

  • Direct care staff can collect vitals with a smart device and the data is automatically added to a resident’s central record in ALIS.
  • Executive directors can track the totality of nurse calls to create a holistic view of a resident’s off-care plan needs.
  • Community relations staff can have a mailing list automatically updated with new contacts from a family portal.
  • Nurses can receive built-out resident profiles from their sales and marketing team’s CRM to avoid double data entry.
  • Business office managers can see a complete view of ancillary charges as other systems add to a resident invoice, ensuring all costs are captured timely.

“ALIS is the authoritative source for resident and staff data, making our App Store a natural hub for integrated workflows and care coordination,” says Trisha Cole, Medtelligent COO. “Our clients are loving our approach to integrations and are reporting significant increases in efficiencies, revenue capture, and improved company-wide communication as a result of the integrations.” 

ALIS customers can contact to learn more about available integrations. To request a demo or inquire about partnership, contact