[Press Release] Medtelligent Launches ALIS Insights to Tell Assisted Living’s Story Through Data

CHICAGO– April 15, 2019

Medtelligent, Inc, provider of ALIS software for assisted living, memory care, and independent living communities, today announced the launch of ALIS Insights, a reporting engine that brings the operational story of a community to life by way of data. Leveraging years of experience in the industry and feedback from dozens of communities during a private beta program, ALIS Insights brings new levels of transparency and flexibility to community operators looking to understand resident care quality, compliance issues, profitability, and other critical business success measures.

The product, which aggregates data at the resident, community, or portfolio level, provides:

  • On-demand access to custom visualizations and reports tailored for the needs of community operators, minimizing the need for offline data analysis.
  • Role-based access controls, ensuring that data visibility is based on an individual’s role and responsibility in the organization.
  • Drilldown features to pinpoint actionable opportunities for improved community operations.
  • Embedded business intelligence to support decision making and operational excellence.

“These insights and visualizations amplify everything we’ve learned from our customers over the years, giving everyone easy access to the most important measures of success in senior living,” said Medtelligent CEO John Shafaee. “Reports can tell a leader “what” is happening in their community or portfolio. ALIS Insights lets the data tell the story of “why”.”

In addition to providing new levels of insight to care providers, community leaders, and portfolio managers, ALIS Insights lays the strategic foundation for deeper learning. The company now has the capability to introduce insights based on artificial intelligence. For example, later this year, ALIS Insights will include condition change detection, automatically delivering insights on a resident report that identify someone who might be at the wrong care level based on the underlying care plan data.

“None of this is any good without the underlying care plan data,” said Shafaee. “We’re fortunate to have such high levels of adoption that our customers have the data needed to generate this kind of insight. Without ease of use, you don’t get daily use, and then you don’t have the granularity or volume of data needed for intelligent algorithms.”

ALIS Insights is available starting today. 

About Medtelligent

Medtelligent makes ALIS: software purpose-built for clinical management, billing, and operational reporting in assisted living, memory care, and behavioral health communities. ALIS is designed to solve senior living-specific challenges including regulatory compliance management across different states, full eMAR management and drug counting, integrated assessments, and family engagement. We help make senior living communities a better place to work, and an even better place to call home. To learn more, visit medtelligent.com.

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