Billing & Revenue Tools

Accountability is critical. ALIS’s billing and revenue management tools help improve communication and transparency at all levels: between the community and the resident through easy to read invoices, between the clinical and billing teams through behind the scenes automatic updates, and between the corporate and community teams through a multi-tiered approval process.

Consistent Monthly Revenue Cycles

  • Auto-generation of monthly invoices
  • Easy ancillary charges tracking
  • Bulk payment and deposit tracking
  • Detailed A/R tracking
  • Two-tiered Approval process for charges, credits, and discounts
  • Comprehensive Lease Management and Revenue Projections

Accurate & Easy to Read Invoices

  • Multiple-Payer support
  • Move-in/Move-out Invoice support
  • Generate invoices or statements on demand
  • Preview monthly invoices
  • Generate yearly tax statements Digitize resident and staff binders

Comprehensive Reporting & General Ledger Connectivity

  • Detailed Occupancy Reporting
  • Customizable Rent Roll
  • Resident Ledger and Charge Card support
  • Compatibility with most General Ledger solutions including Quickbooks
  • Integration with Sage Intacct

Additional Revenue Features

Accounts Receivable Management
  • Invoice / Statement Preview
  • Bulk printing and uploads
  • Tax Statement creation
  • Customized billing programs
Communication & Transparency
  • Approval Communication Center
  • Billing Center
  • Over 50+ Billing related alerts
  • Support for both soft and hard GL period closes
Robust Reporting
  • Customizable rent roll
  • Detailed and flexible occupancy tracking
  • Revenue Predictions
  • Detailed reporting with drilldowns