What People Say

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Beth K., Executive Director

Very user friendly even for a techno-challenged person as myself. Everything is easy to find and navigate through. My previous company had probably 12 different software programs that ALIS has all in one. It really relieves a lot of time consumption in finding the specific program for the specific topic. I don’t have a lot of technological background and I know in my case and position it is a must to utilize this type of software. ALIS is truly a blessing and once I know and learn more it will become second nature and easier as each day passes.

Rose S., Regional Vice President of Operations

The software is user-friendly and the reports are wonderful. The team at ALIS are always available and pleasant to work with. They have come to our sets and worked side by side with our teams. They are open to all recommendations that we ask for and most requests for changes are implemented very quickly.

Beth B., Regional Director of Clinical Services

I have been working with the ALIS staff for 6 years. They are ALWAYS responsive and supportive and are only a phone call away. Customer service is above and beyond. They have customized our specific requests to make it exactly how we want to use it. Updates occur flawlessly.

Julie D., Program Coordinator

I like the fact that the software can be customized to my agency’s needs. In a constantly changing environment, ALIS keeps my agency up to date with licensing requirements. ALiS makes it easy for us to add new resident and staff information as well as compliance documents. This information is available to our staff on our computers, tablets and smart phones, so no matter where we are, we can communicate with our staff and have access to the information that is needed. ALIS provides security clearances for our staff, giving them access to the information they need, without giving them the ability to delete important files. If files are accidentally deleted, ALIS keeps files archived, so with a push of a button, they can be restored. Their customer service is excellent, providing answers to my questions and problems in a timely manner.

Robert R., Director of Communications

The ease-of-use makes ALIS a stand out choice for EHR software. Our employees love the layout and picked it up within the first couple minutes of use. The first week, I had all of our Med Techs come up to me individually and say how much easier their daily routine is now. ALIS keeps them on task by reducing clutter and showing only what needs to be seen. The simple layout and color coding prevents confusion compared to other clunky software products.

From their sales rep to on-boarding manager to support team, we couldn’t have been more happy and put at-ease. They are all very knowledgeable about the software, responsive and easy to work with at the same time. I have the number for support on speed dial and I am not exaggerating when I say that someone answers immediately, every time I call (no auto-attendant). Most of the calls I make are only general ALIS questions but if I see something isn’t working properly, it is fixed right away. Their whole team can respond to the entire range of requests.

Jamie H., Executive Director

I am currently in the second ALF that I have brought ALIS into. Hands down, the best. If you can use a smartphone, you can use this software. From implementation through full use of the software, the team is always available and goes above and beyond. I have sat here for 10 minutes trying to think of something. It makes my job easier, my staffs job easier, and it keeps us in compliance without having to keep track of all the little things you need to keep track of.