Medtelligent Releases Vaccine Tracker to Support Resident and Staff COVID-19 Vaccination

ALIS Vaccine Tracker

CHICAGO– December 21, 2020

Medtelligent, Inc., provider of software for assisted living, memory care, and independent living communities, today announced the addition of a COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker to its flagship product ALIS (pronounced “Alice”.) 

The ALIS COVID-19 Center, first released in April 2020, allows communities to manage outbreak risk efficiently. Now, ALIS customers can also track vaccination workflows for residents and staff while maintaining compliance data for easy export to regulators and vaccine clinic partners. 

“We expedited the development of this Vaccine Tracker to support our clients during this historic moment. The vaccination of long-term care residents and staff is a critical event that also represents a significant change in workflow and reporting requirements for our customers,” says Medtelligent CEO John Shafaee. 

The ALIS Vaccine Tracker allows assisted living communities to:

  • Track consent status for all staff members and residents.
  • Schedule residents and staff for their first and second vaccine doses.
  • Create vaccine clinic export files. The vaccine tracker supports the export of data in the multi-patient upload format required by the CVS Vaccine Clinic Scheduler.
  • Record Vaccination Clinic data by resident, community, or by a portfolio of communities.


ALIS - vaccine tracking center
The ALIS Vaccine Tracker is a new feature in the ALIS COVID-19 Center.

All test and vaccination data is fully integrated with the residents’ records.

“Our customers have been challenged this year to manage change in a hazardous environment and they’ve all stepped up. Their drive to keep their staff and residents safe is what motivates us to move so quickly and respond with features that can help bring us all through this [health emergency] and come out stronger together next year,” says Trisha Cole, Medtelligent’s Chief Operations Officer. 


The Vaccine Tracker is available today. For more information, visit the product detail page: ALIS COVID-19 Tracking Center.