Medtelligent Announces Groundbreaking Wellness Index to Improve Assisted Living Resident Care

ALIS Wellness Index

CHICAGO– October 13, 2020

Medtelligent, Inc., provider of software for assisted living, memory care, and independent living communities, today announced the addition of a proprietary Wellness Index into its flagship product ALIS (pronounced “Alice”.) The ALIS Wellness Index uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to track health and risk factors against a resident’s personalized baseline, improving health outcomes, and increasing length of stay.

“The goal is to highlight residents who may need extra care or monitoring by staff so that communities can avert incidents and move-outs. Our algorithms analyze data from multiple sources and apply clinical best practices to create a personalized index for each resident in a community. That way, we can highlight something that is out of the norm on an individual basis,” says Medtelligent CEO John Shafaee. 

ALIS Wellness Index allows assisted living communities to:

  • Continuously monitor resident wellness and show the care team when a resident has potentially experienced a change in condition.
  • Increase staff effectiveness by incorporating the knowledge of a highly experienced nurse or practitioner into standard daily routines.
  • Minimize risk related to staff turnover by making a resident’s care history visible at the point of care. 
  • Increase length of stay and top-line revenue through personalized care based on a holistic picture of the resident’ heath at any point in time.  

“Since we’ve been working with our research partners and early adopter customers on this feature, we’ve discovered even more opportunities to leverage the rich data set already in our ALIS system to help clients further enhance the quality of care their teams are providing to residents, which in turn, is improving the organization’s overall financial health. And we’re just getting started,” says Trisha Cole, Medtelligent’s Chief Operations Officer, citing the company’s plans to release more AI-driven features in 2021 focused on extending residents’ length of stay. 

About Medtelligent

Medtelligent makes ALIS: software purpose-built for clinical management, billing, and operational reporting in assisted living, memory care, and behavioral health communities. ALIS is designed to solve senior living-specific challenges including regulatory compliance management across different states, full eMAR management and drug counting, integrated assessments, and family engagement. We help make senior living communities a better place to work, and an even better place to live. To learn more, request a demo below!