Why ALIS Customers Love Their Software

When customers regularly email your support team that they “love, love, love!!!!” your product, it begs the question: what makes ALIS different? 

Trisha Cole, Medtelligent chief operating officer, says that a dedication to creating a user-friendly product is one differentiator, but, she says, “What really sets us apart is our customer support. The team, the process, and our service philosophy all distinguish us [from our competition.]”

We Answer the Phone (And We Don’t Rush to Hang Up)

At Medtelligent, we believe that making it easier for assisted living professionals to do their job results in better care and better resident health. That means we answer the phone when it rings in our Chicago office. 

Andrew Wray, onboarding specialist, explains what he thinks makes the Medtelligent approach to customer service unique: “We are never rushed to get any project or support call completed. There is no discouragement around writing up bug tickets or enhancement requests. The only thing that matters to us is customer satisfaction.”

Because we don’t give our customer success team call “quotas”, they can give their full focus to solving the issue. Even if that means they’re on the phone for a while. 

Cameron Ruiz, director of client services at Medtelligent, explains the business logic behind our approach: “We spend as much time as we need; that naturally creates empathy and builds relationships. We feel the pain the customers are feeling and it creates a culture of advocacy. It creates a sense of urgency. There is never too much time to give somebody.” 

We Prioritize Feedback 

One byproduct of deeper relationships with customers is that we can explain what and why an enhancement or a feature might be needed.

Ruiz explains that the Medtelligent customer service team gets the same respect internally that we give our clients. “Our opinions are given weight because [the engineers] know that we are truly the voice of the customer in our organization, and that is valued,” he says. 

Thurgood Burks-Coats, client support specialist, says “I don’t think calling yourself a customer-centric company is unique, but what I do think is unique here are the partnerships we have with many of our customers. We work with our clients in tailoring ALIS to meet their needs over time. We don’t try to tell the customer what they want, we listen and try to give them what they say they need. That type of partnership is unusual in my view.”

We Go Above and Beyond

This year’s pandemic and the strain it’s put on our customers’ communities has brought us even closer to our customers. Wray says that one day in March, he and Medtelligent COO Trisha Cole got separate emails from clients asking if there was some way to get scheduled vitals checks into the system. “That same day we went over and started speaking to [Medtelligent CEO] John to figure out if this is something we can do, and we grew that thought into an entirely new feature [which we released in April.]”

Wray explains that this co-development (and others) has been a success because “we’re smart enough to know what we don’t know, and we’re humble enough to not ask the customer to meet us where we think they should be, but rather we meet them where they need us. I think that’s one of the most significant reasons we’re successful.”

If you’d like to see what it’s like to love your software — and your customer support team — get in touch. We have great references!