ALIS Vaccine Tracker

You're Ready for It. ALIS is Ready for It.
Introducing the ALIS Vaccine Tracker

The ALIS COVID-19 Center now supports vaccine tracking with a suite of features designed to support assisted living clinicians in preparing for vaccination clinics.

Track Consent

Track consent status for all staff members and residents.

Schedule Vaccination Clinics

Schedule residents and staff for their first and second vaccine doses.

Maintain Compliance

Record Vaccination Clinic data by resident, community, or by a portfolio of communities.

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Accuracy comes from ease of use. Train staff in minutes and learn what it's like to manage your community with real-time data.


Align teams across your portfolio with customizable, permissions-based alerts, reports, and insights dashboards.


Manage compliance and care with tools that make it easy to see what's done, when, and by whom.

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Resident & Staff Management

Resident & Staff Management

Track census, resident health records, staff files, and much more in real-time.
Clinical Management

Clinical & Risk Management

Mitigate risk, optimize staff time, and ensure resident wellness and safety.
Revenue Management

Revenue & Billing Management

Improve communication and transparency at all levels with ALIS’s billing and revenue management tools.
HQ Business Insights

Reporting & Business Insights

Detailed, out of the box dashboards and KPI reports deliver insights while also allowing for customization.