Frequently Asked Questions

  • ALIS pricing is simple yet flexible, so each community can pay just for what it needs. Generally, the ALIS subscription amount ranges from $8.00 to $15.00 per resident per month depending on what modules are selected, with a minimum subscription amount of $300 per month for a single community and $180 per month for smaller multi-community groups. There is also a one-time onboarding amount per community, ranging from $650.00 to $3,500.00 depending on the level of assistance each community requires.

    We offer a 30-day grace period and a Risk-Free Guarantee. The Risk-Free Guarantee is our commitment that your staff will love ALIS or you can cancel your ALIS implementation without charge or penalty within 90 days of signing your ALIS Agreement.

  • ALIS improves staff efficiency by focusing each team member on exactly what they need to do that day, so nurses, med techs, caregivers and administrators can efficiently perform the tasks needed to sustain a healthy community.

    ALIS’s electronic workflow catches changes in real time, so communities see an increase in revenue through accurate information about actual care, verses assessed care.

    Finally, ALIS helps administrators know they have the correct staffing levels to support the community’s residents at any point in time.

  • The ALIS Core package, which includes resident and staff management, calendar, alerting, electronic incident tracking, electronic note tracking, and compliance, is generally up and running within 30 days.

    The full implementation, including medications, drug count, electronic assessment and care tracking, billing, lease management, and ALIS Connect usually takes around 90 days but may be shorter or longer depending on the company and community resources available to help during the onboarding process.

  • You have the choice of a “Full” implementation or “Self-Onboarding” implementation for staff training. For the Self-Onboarding option, we take a “train the trainers” approach, meaning that we typically choose two or three ALIS Champions who become the “super-users” in a community. They then train the rest of the staff.

    For the Full Implementation option, ALIS representatives provide full-service data and training services for all modules implemented by each community.   All training is done via conferences and remote screen shares unless an on-site rollout is requested. The experienced and knowledgeable ALIS Onboarding specialists help each company personalize its implementation plan to the skills and needs of their staff.

    In either case, our team is committed to your success.

    After the initial onboarding process, unlimited support and online training are included in the monthly subscription amount. For new staff training, we make videos and guides available for them to get up to speed; for direct care or medication staff this only takes between 15 and 30 minutes!

  • Your specific ALIS package is based on the modules each community chooses to use, but generally speaking, each community can choose from these modules:

    • ALIS CORE (Resident and Staff records, Observations/Notes, Incident Management, Compliance, Alerting, and Advanced Calendar). This module is required.
    • Prospects – for lead and referral management and tracking including tasks.
    • Medications – full eMAR, pharmacy integration, and drug counting.
    • Resident Electronic Evaluation (RET) – fully electronic evaluation with an integrated service plan, care plan, and work lists. Calendar system with reminders to avoid missing expiration dates. Dynamic, easy to update and customizable by company or through consultation with your ALIS team.
    • Care Tracking and Planning – Care plan management, ADL tracking, PRN care scheduling and tracking, time reporting and alerting.
    • Billing and Residency Agreement Management – Automatic invoice generation and incidental item tracking; Billing Center for business office managers to stay informed of any care or room changes that might impact billing; Customizable rent roll, occupancy reporting, residency agreement tracking, revenue projection and loss to lease/vacancy tracking. Import/export compatibility with almost general ledgers including Sage Intact (preferred partner), Quickbooks and others.
    • ALIS Connect – family engagement portal to view social posts, menu and activity calendar, medication list, evaluation, and view and pay invoices.
  • If your community is transitioning from paper, you will most likely need to invest in internet connectivity and purchase hardware for day to day use of ALIS.

    Specifically, administrators often use a desktop; nurses can use a nurse’s station desktop or laptop; med techs will need one device per med cart; and caregivers can use phones, Chromebooks, laptops or other devices depending on if you prefer them to chart on the go or at the end of a shift. We also recommend at least one good printer, scanner, and a fax machine.

    If you are switching from another provider, you most likely already have a proper electronic infrastructure and sufficient hardware to support ALIS.

    From a specific technology perspective, ALIS is device agnostic. Because ALIS is 100% web-based, ALIS works on any device that can connect to the internet. And because ALIS is extremely lightweight from a network traffic perspective, it can run on LTE, 3G or 4G.

    ALIS is optimized for Google Chrome, but we do support the latest versions of all browsers.

  • Maintenance for ALIS is covered by the monthly subscription amount. There are no pricey upgrades or patches; everything is done automatically with no additional cost.

    We add features and functionality to ALIS every six weeks…and 70% of all of our updates come from customer feedback!

  • Yes. The security of each company’s information is our highest priority. We host with large cloud providers with impeccable reputations for security and keep multiple, geographically diverse backups while encrypting data both at rest and in transit.

  • For sanity’s sake! Owners, operators, C-level executives, executive directors, regional directors, and nurses cannot possibly keep up with everything happening in a company or community when it is on paper.

    With ALIS, everyone in the community can focus on their job, and ALIS performs the heavy lifting of keeping others informed. Having resident and staff information at your fingertips will help you maintain compliance, anticipate problems before they occur, increase your net operating income, and give you peace of mind.