Visibility is vital. That’s why ALIS offers real-time visibility across all communities, allowing you and your team to easily track census, resident health records, staff files, and much more.

Enjoy Real-Time Visibility

  • Monitor occupancy
  • Track resident and staff regulatory reviews
  • Stay informed with over 75 customizable alerts

Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

  • Digitize resident and staff binders
  • Use a single, unified resident record through all workflow stages
  • Access face sheet and emergency packet generation with one click

Safeguard Your Data and Operations

  • Tailor security roles for resident privacy and HIPAA compliance
  • Ensure continuity of operations in case of disaster with cloud access and seamless backups
  • Unlimited data storage

Community Management Features

Marketing & Lead Tracking
  • Track prospects and leads
  • Manage referral sources
  • Monitor tasks and reminders
Electronic Health Records
  • Track resident profile and health information
  • Log nurses notes and shift communication
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with integrated document storage features
  • Customizable calendar with activities and appointment tracking
Staff Management
  • Manage staff profile information
  • Track training and certifications (CPR, Food Handlers’ Certificates, etc.)
  • Monitor regulatory compliance
  • Detailed audit logs of activity
Community Management
  • Track community regulatory compliance documents (Fire Drills, Sprinkler Testing, etc.)
  • Manage floor plans with flexible and customizable tools
  • Track and report on occupancy