Medtelligent Welcomes Change with New ALIS Logo, Brand Identity

After months of hard work, we are excited to share an updated brand identity that includes a new logo, colors, and font. You’ll notice the changes anywhere you see us in public and soon in our products, too.


ALIS logo


So why the change, and why now?

“Though we’ve been in business since 2005, we’ve grown solely through referrals so many companies aren’t as familiar with us as other players in the market. We wanted to get the word out and clearly articulate our values and share how they inform the product,” says Trisha Cole, the chief operating officer of Medtelligent.

Our values drive our approach. We build the best software in the assisted living industry, and we wanted our new brand to communicate what’s important to us.

Core Values


We keep our users at the center of every feature we build, and we’re obsessed with providing the best customer service in the industry. Respect for the individual drives everything from our taking care of our staff to ALIS’ role-based product features that make everyday work easier.


We all win when everyone has the information they need to do their job and everyone’s work is noticed. We believe complete communication fosters trust between groups and that trust creates strong teams — and strong communities.


We believe innovation takes many forms. Innovation means taking extra development time to design a feature that is intuitive because it will ultimately save users time. It means setting the foundation now for AI and machine-learning features that will drive the ALIS experience in years to come. And it means being open to partners that allow us to deliver the best-in-breed solution for assisted living.


Security is our superpower. Secure, controlled access to electronic data supports empowered team members to do their jobs more efficiently. Our secure, cloud-based system allows the communities we support to manage business continuity and compliance requirements with fewer headaches.

“Our focus on ‘welcoming change’ is a nod to how the industry as a whole is currently transitioning from a real estate based model to a resident and care focused model.  Because ALIS is, at its core, resident-centric software, we are uniquely positioned to help companies embrace this transition for the benefit of their communities, staff, and residents.” John Shaefee, CEO

The new logo was designed to reflect the ALIS values, our commitment to openness, positive energy, and optimism. For us, it’s all part of welcoming change!

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