Occupancy Tracking & Reporting

Occupancy is an important KPI. Sub-par data can result in bad financial decisions and an underperforming organization. ALIS leverages the clinical data it’s already collecting to provide accurate, timely, trustworthy and flexible occupancy reports—right out of the box.

Weekly Occupancy Dashboard

Accurate and Reliable Data Collection

  • Near real-time data availability
  • Information collected from clinical inputs
  • Significant platform adoption from clinicians
  • Standardized terminology across facilities
  • No manual counting or associated mistakes

Comprehensive and Flexible Reporting

  • Day, month, last 30 days, or quarterly reporting views
  • Per facility and overall organization
  • Comprehensive move-ins and move-out reporting vs. expected
  • Unit capacity and vacant units by facility
  • Easy to read and distribute

Enhanced Business Results

  • Eliminates problems with misaligned incentives
  • Capabilities are pre-built within software platform
  • Lowers costs associated with manual counting
  • Provides comprehensive insights
  • Enables smarter financial decision making

Additional Features

  • Easy to change and update
  • No development time required
  • Match to corporate processes
  • Custom reports
  • Dashboard data
  • Dashboard presentation
  • Detailed access roles
  • Customizable profiles
  • PCI compliant