Assisted Living Marketing and Sales: Leads to Leases (and Beyond) with ALIS

Assisted Living Leads to Leases

How many times does a prospect need to tell you their name and address by the time they move in? Three? Five? Being asked for the same information over and over is an irritant for prospects and staff, not to mention the missed opportunities for operational efficiency. 

Let’s look at three advantages you will enjoy when you leave inefficient paper workflows and disconnected electronic systems behind. 

ALIS customers: 

Avoid double entry with workflow transitions

ALIS supports integrations with Sherpa, Enquire, and You’ve Got Leads, so your teams can continue to use best-in-class CRM tools while still sharing profile and lead status information across systems while prospects are nurtured. ALIS also offers its own light CRM tool that allows your data to follow the prospect throughout your new resident onboarding process. Enter the information once and your prospect data becomes applicant data and later, resident data. Save staff time, avoid errors, and keep your prospects focused on the conversation, not checkboxes and forms. 

Track residency agreements and manage rates online

ALIS makes residency agreement tracking easy with out of the box functionality supporting rate caps and complex increase management. Manage residency agreements, projected revenue, future rate increases, occupancy, and more at the community or portfolio level. In addition to standard operational reports, ALIS makes it easy to track changes in real-time by triggering alerts when residency agreements are scheduled for rate increase review.

Transfer chart data between communities as needed

ALIS makes it easy to transfer chart information between communities within a portfolio, or even outside the community through our integration with American HealthTech. Residents can be placed on leave, moved out, or transferred with the simple click of a button. Transfers are not simple status changes, but opportunities to share chart data with the receiving organization, reducing the chance for errors and data loss that often happens during transitions of care. 

ALIS supports your assisted living workflow from prospect to move out and everything in between. Give us a call and find out what it’s like to love your software!