NIC Announces Medtelligent as Newest Partner to Expand Transparency in Senior Housing Rates

The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) introduced Medtelligent as its newest Actual Rates Software Partner. Partners are innovative technology providers who help senior housing operators report the real monthly rates their residents pay compared to the property’s asking rates. Industry participation in NIC’s actual rates initiative enhances transparency and helps NIC deliver on its mission of enabling access and choice in senior housing.

“Medtelligent is the perfect partner for NIC, because its software is revolutionizing the way senior housing operators can view, interpret and share actual rates data,” said Brian Jurutka, president and CEO of NIC. “It’s important because while national trends can give you some insights, at the end of the day, it’s a local business, and the more local you can get that information, the more actionable it becomes.”

Medtelligent developed its flagship product ALIS for assisted living, memory care, and behavioral health communities. The company is NIC’s fourth Actual Rates Software Partner, enabling senior housing operators to easily understand the most accurate data on the monthly rates a senior housing resident pays.

NIC’s partnership with Medtelligent offers a streamlined option for operators looking for an easier way to participate in the Actual Rates program. Medtelligent’s client roster of assisted living, memory care, and behavioral health communities are now able to share Actual Rates-compliant data with the click of a button, enabling them to receive NIC Actual Rates data in return for participation in the data sharing program.

“Medtelligent customers are delighted to hear of our partnership with NIC. Some were spending one to two days each month preparing and collecting data that they can now download with the click of a button in ALIS,” said John Shafaee, founder and CEO of Medtelligent. “We are thrilled to partner with NIC, a leader in the industry, to save our customers time and make it easier for them to access true market pricing.”

Medtelligent joins PointClickCare, MatrixCare and Yardi as NIC Actual Rates Software Partners.