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  • Length of Stay: Assisted Living’s Silver Bullet

    Increasing Length of Stay in Assisted Living

    It’s that time of year when senior housing predictions and trend reports are published. From certain angles, the outlook may seem bleak. Staffing difficulties, low occupancy, and increasing competition will challenge senior living executives in 2019 (as they did last year.) What if we could cut through the complexity and find a solution to all…

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  • ALIS Integrated EHR Billing Saves Time, Bridges Gaps Across Teams

    ALIS - Software for Assisted Living Product Shot

    This year, we’ve seen increased adoption of the ALIS integrated billing module, so we thought it would be a good time to share how customers and their residents are benefiting from the move to integrated EHR billing. Integrated EHR Billing Saves Time The most immediate benefit of transitioning to use the integrated billing features in…

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  • 3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Assisted Living Software


    Whether you’re starting your first assisted living facility or managing a portfolio of communities, your technology decisions will impact your bottom and top-line revenue. Choosing technology for your assisted living community will affect the efficiency of your team, your residents’ care, and (hopefully) your communication with your residents’ families. Sure, you’ll compare features. But beyond…

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  • AI for Assisted Living: Predictions and Advice for Future-Proofing Your AI Investments

    Does it seem like everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) for everything? While headlines proclaim impossibilities, it can seem AI solutions are far from reality – especially in assisted living where less than 50% of providers have adopted electronic health records (EHRs). But make no mistake: artificial intelligence will have real impact on the…

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  • Assisted Living Software Decisions Play a Key Role in Emergency Preparedness

    If software hasn’t figured into emergency preparedness plans for your assisted living, memory care, or independent living communities, we need to talk. Assisted living software decisions play a key role in ensuring your community can recover and respond to crisis. The choice to use cloud-based software could make the difference between interruption, or seamless continuation…

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  • When Beauty is More Than Skin Deep — Why Ease of Use is a Must-Have in Senior Living Software

    Here at ALIS (pronounced “Alice”), we get a constant stream of feedback from communities about how “easy to use” our software is and how “intuitive” the interface is to work with. Most of the time, this comes from nurses, operators, and front line staff who are already using ALIS in all the functions of their…

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  • How Memory Care Communities are Leveraging Software to Lead a Care Revolution

    Last week, our COO and overall ALIS expert, Trisha Cole, posted a first-hand account of the ways she’s seen memory care communities across the country utilizing new technologies to solve the unique challenges of serving their population. From highly customized, integrated assessments to a family portal anchored by the resident’s internal record, there are countless…

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  • Not A Gnarly Assessment – Understanding the Critical Role of an “Integrated Electronic Evaluation” in Assisted Living

    Despite making massive strides towards going more electronic, assisted living communities are still grappling with the concept of electronic evaluations/assessments. Some communities avoid electronic evaluations because they resemble the MDS assessment used by skilled nursing facilities, while others are just trying to understand the value of an electronic tool in their less regulated setting. Specifically,…

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  • 3 Big Assessment Mistakes Hurting Your Bottom Line

    Assessments, whether on paper or electronic, are inextricably linked to your assisted living community’s financial performance and health. Here are the 3 costliest mistakes we see companies and communities make with respect to their assessments: 1.  No assessment or expired assessment. Communities are losing money when assessments are overdue or not done at all. Best…

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  • ALIS Gives Back

    This summer, the ALIS team partnered with EPIC Academy, a progressive charter high school in South Chicago, to participate in a program focused on helping students understand the vast career opportunities available to them in the technology space. Twice a year, each EPIC class is paired with a local organization and submerged into a week-long…

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