Medtelligent Momentum Continues with Move to New River North Location

Medtelligent Move

Last month, Medtelligent said goodbye to their old home and hello to a new office in River North. The 15,000 square foot space, located just a block from where their flagship product ALIS (pronounced “Alice”) experienced significant growth, is three times the size of their original space. Critically, it’s designed to accommodate growth. 

Medtelligent, which makes software to support assisted living communities, was founded in 2005 and has consistently experienced double-digit growth. 

“We grew over 40% revenue-wise last year, and even more importantly our market share has expanded significantly. We have an aggressive roadmap and plan to double our team size in the next twenty-four months, so we really needed the extra space,” says chief executive officer John Shafaee. 

Let there be light…and conference room space

The open-plan loft space occupies the entire fourth floor at 303 West Institute Place. 

“The biggest difference to me is that there’s more light,” says associate product manager Kevin Skinner. “It’s just brighter.” 

In addition to more natural light, the space features a significant expansion of conference room space. “I like that we’re not fighting over conference room space,” says senior engineer Nichole Baiel. 

The new space also features a large central conference room separating the open-plan space. This allowed Medtelligent to separate the client services and engineering teams. While chief operating officer Trisha Cole mentioned some heartache about separating the teams, it was important. “We are too loud! It is really hard for them to focus with all of the talking we do [to support clients.]” 

Coming out of the shadows

Coming on the heels of a rebrand and significant product launch, the move is symbolic of bigger changes at Medtelligent. 

“We’ve proudly grown exclusively through referrals to this point,” says Cole. “The company has been committed to investing everything back into the people and the product, but now it’s time for us to focus a bit more on the company’s public presence.” 

Citing success with larger clients, especially those with fast-growing portfolios, Cole mentioned that even customers and partners have been encouraging the company to “get the word out.” After years of being in the background, “we’re ready to come out of the shadows into the light,” says Cole.